You can tell it’s summer when you’ve got basil coming out your ears and you can’t use it up fast enough. Here is a pesto recipe from Once Upon A Chef I recently made for my family using basil from one of my four plants. A little tip for those of you who haven’t made it before: use the freshest, healthiest basil you can find, it will make a difference in the appearance and taste. Traditional pesto recipes call for pine nuts (which are very expensive), I find that walnuts work just as well and really, I can’t tell the difference in taste! Another idea for pesto, make a big batch and freeze it in an ice-cube tray, pop out the cute little cubes once frozen and put into a container in the freezer. These can be added to soups, pasta, whatever your little heart desires. I hope you try this recipe, it will make your summer even better.




I have the distinct pleasure of living close to Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky where I got to spend the day recently. This was my first trip here, I have only lived in this area for almost 19 years! It was a treat: betting on the races, witnessing magnificent animals at their best, eating some great food, being on Millionaire Row 6 (a dedicated group room offering one of the best racing views at the Downs and a four-tier balcony overlooking the finish line) and just the excitement of being at an establishment that has been around since 1875 and is rich in horse racing history.

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DSCF6179I recently took a trip to Europe, namely Italy. Spending just one day in this country makes you want to live there forever. Around every corner is something beautiful, be it architectural wonders, a flower stall, leather shops or some wonderful ristorante displaying their food wares.

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All scenes of Florence: Duomo (Cathedral) and my home away from home at Via San Gallo, #86.

IMG_1230I wanted to buy one of every kind at this flower shoppe in Greve, Italy in the Chianti  countryside!


* * *

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  1. My first meal in Florence, a caper and anchovy pizza.
  2. Tortellini with a walnut, creme sauce.
  3. Calzone with fresh basil.
  4. And this “worm-shaped” delicious dish I had in Siena that I can’t remember the name of!

Anyway, they were all to die for! I’m convinced their food is made very fresh, more so than here in the States. All in all, a wonderful experience and a wonderful place to visit. I could easily live there. The people are friendly, they enjoy life, eat very well, the countryside looks like a painting, and they appreciate their architecture, art and sculpture. What’s not to love?!

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